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Picture of Shampoo for Extra Volume

Shampoo for Extra Volume

Dominant plants
fennel, chamomile, milfoil

Made for all hair types. Increases the volume of hair, makes it dynamic and fluffy. Result: Your hair is brilliant, bright and relaxed, ready for your hair style creations.


Solves the problem of thin and tangled hair by increasing the volume and giving it greater density and sway. Contains active components such as honey, herb extracts, vitamins A, E, F, H and B complex, which give hair fullness and shine. Efficient and suitable product for regular hair care and maintenance of hygiene for all types of hair.


Rub thoroughly a small amount of shampoo onto wet hair from roots to ends. Rinse well and repeat the process if necessary. For optimal therapeutic effect, regular use is required.

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100 ml pack

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