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PowerMax Conditioner

Dominant plants
thyme, chamomile, sage

PowerMax regenerator with keratin evens the surface of damaged hair, strengthens its internal structure and hair roots. Hair gets shinier and easy to shape and after longer use it becomes healthier, fuller in volume and more vital.


By elimination of the causes of hair growth cycle disturbance this product successfully stops increased hair loss. Active polyvalent herbal extracts (wild chestnut, chamomile, hop, lemon balm ...) and the additional vitamin reinforcement provide a product that works preventive and alleviates the existing situation. It recovers damaged hair, increases moisture and protects hair from negative factors. Regular use is recommended in case of seborrhea and noticeable hair loss.


Thoroughly rub wet hair with a small amount of shampoo  from roots to ends. Rinse well and repeat the process if necessary. After washing, apply hair tonic on wet hair.

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100 ml pack

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