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Multivitamin for Face

Dominant plants
marigold, avocado, geranium

Product developed for facial care, can also be applied on neck and torso and other skin surfaces.  Contains some of natures most treasured ingredients:  honey, beeswax, cocoa butter, vitamin complex, essential oils and extracts of medicinal herbs, almond, castor and olive plant oils -  and other additives of natural origin. It nourishes, regenerates, refreshes, retains moisture and cleans the skin. It is an excellent product for all seasons and all weather conditions, because it prevents skin dryness and protects it from the cold.


Increases the activity of the metabolism of the skin cells and cellular circulation, and stimulates the process of regeneration, provides maximized skin hydration and care. Along with high-quality basic ingredients(honey, beeswax, cocoa butter, vitamin complex, essential oils), it also contains a combination of carrot, soy bean oil, avocado oil and Marigold. These ingredients heighten the beneficial effects of the product. Provides care of all types of skin and it is suitable for use in all weather conditions because of the protection it provides from external influences.


Apply in small quantities, with wet hands on wet and clean skin.


Excellent in combination with Hemel Anti-wrinkle in the morning, and this product in the evening. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables (rich in various vitamins and vegetable fibers that feed and regenerate the skin). Do not smoke! Smoking slows the peripheral circulation, and that deprives the skin of natural nutrition and cleansing through the blood. Consequences of smoking are, among others, premature aging of the skin.

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