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Picture of Hemel Wood Polish

Hemel Wood Polish


This product protects wood from moisture, sun and mold and returns color and brightness to pale surfaces. Plasticizer provides a long-lasting surface protection. This product is colorless and scentless. It can be used on all wooden objects(furniture, parquet floors, woodwork, ...).
It makes great results on the external surfaces that are exposed to different weather conditions.


Apply a thin layer on a dry surface and leave it on for one day. Then use a cotton cloth to softly rub the previously treated area. This treatment removes the excess cream and prevents adhesion of dust on the surface. The outside wooden surfaces should be treated twice a year(before the fall and spring), and on polished and painted surfaces apply a thin layer to fill the mikropores in the wood.


It is enough to apply this product twice a year on outdoor wooden surfaces (before the fall and spring) to prolong its durability and longevity. You should also apply a thin layer of this wood polish on painted wooden surfaces to fill microscopic holes.

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120 ml pack

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