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Picture of Hemel Plus Exclusive

Hemel Plus Exclusive


Protects leather products from moisture, sun and salt; Returns elasticity and natural shine, and prevents paint removal, drying and cracking of leather products. Immediately removes the blotches of mold, moisture, acetone, alum from leather and it also adds a pleasant fragrance; It has cosmetic quality and no color. Suitable for smooth, painted, natural and artificial leather of all colors (jackets, tennis shoes, office shoes, handbags, wallets, belts, soccer shoes, balls, furniture, car interior...).
It prolongs the durability of leather items, rubber and rubber sealing parts (on refrigerators, cars ...).
This product is practically essential to every household.


Apply a thin layer on a dry surface, wait a few minutes and then polish with a soft cloth(preferably silk). This way the excess of the cream is removed to prevent dust adhesion.

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40 ml pack

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200 ml pack

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