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Hair Strengthening Oil

Dominant plants
juniper, rosemary, basil

Increases peripheral circulation, strengthens and nourishes the hair roots and prevents hair loss. Applies to the scalp a few hours before washing by gently massaging it in the hair roots.


Combination of medical herbs stimulates hair root regeneration, prevents hair loss, split ends and makes the hair elastic and shiny. Provides protection from negative external influences, revitalized colored hair and prevents hair loss. Suitable for additional care of all hair types.


Apply the oil to the root of the hair two to three hours before washing the hair by a circular motion massage. In case of split and extremely dry hair it is helpful to apply oil on the scalp and cover it with a plastic bag and have an all night treatment. When coloring hair, put a few drops of oil in the paint.


Put a few drops of the oil in the hair paint before you start coloring the hair. It is helpful to rub some of this oil to the hair ends if you have dry hair. People with inherited hair flaws can use this oil in a hair pack. Just apply the oil on wet scalp and cover it with a plastic bag. It should be kept on the head for the entire night to make results.

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