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Baby Skin Oil

Dominant plants
lavender, lemon balm, chamomile

Excellent oil for the care of child's tender, sensitive skin, enriched with essential lavender oil and vitamins A, D and E. It keeps the child's skin elastic, smooth, fresh and protected during the day and night. Apply in gentle motions on wet skin in small quantities. 


Adequate selection of biological components (essential oils of lavender and chamomile and a high percentage of vitamins) has provided a product which is suitable for everyday skin care for small children and people with sensitive skin in general. Has a beneficial effect on calming irritation, inflammation and itching, which ensures that the child's skin is smooth and protected during the day and night.


Use in small quantities, gently massage, recommended after bathing on wet skin.


These products are more effective and offer greater protection if  you use them every time you soak the skin. Using both products(Hemel baby skin and oil) closes the circle of all the needs a skin in the development has, because they supplement each other. Baby Skin Oil is excellent for maintaining cleanness of the skin in situations when it is not possible to use standard implementation of hygiene due to illness or skin infections.

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