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Anti-wrinkle Oil

Anti-wrinkle Oil (anti-ride oil) is a carefully selected combination of plant oils (olive, castor and almond) and medicinal herb essential oils. It contains a high percentage of vitamins. Perfect for the care of the tender skin around the eyes,  the neck area and other parts of the body. The product needs to be stored in a cool and dark place.


Applies through massage on wet skin.


Anti-wrinkle Oil (anti-ride oil) in combination with Hemel Anti-wrinkle is the best choice for a skin that tends to wrinkling. The best results in the summer period are achieved by using Hemel Anti-wrinkle in the morning (it contains UV filter sun ray protection), and applying the Anti-wrinkle Oil the evening. People with dry and mature skin types should use this oil as a pretreatment for Hemel Antiwrinkle (anti-ride).

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