Imaginea BioLift Imuno

BioLift Imuno

100 ml pack

Essential Imuno prevents the growth of viruses, fungi and bacteria, has a positive effect in cases of colds, and stimulates the defensive abilities of the body, improving physical condition and mood. It has stimulating effect on the nervous system, heart, stimulates the kidneys, liver, lymph and adrenal glands. Positive effects in treating wounds and skin infections. Encourages the production of protective substances immunoglobulin, which increases skin resistance. Tannins, as extracts, strengthen the epidermis and create pseudo protective film over the entire surface, and provide protection from environmental irritants.

carrot, almonds, thyme, artichokes, nettle, eucalyptus, lemon, yarrow, pomegranate, avocado, argan, jojoba, hazelnut, marigold, apricot stone, lavender