Picture of Relaxhem



Dominant plants
hops, lemon balm, valerian

Relaxhem is a product based on plant extracts: lemon balm, valerian and hops, which offers the optimal combination of natural sources known in traditional medicine for relaxing effects. Mild and soothing properties of lemon balm make this product effective against mild cases of insomnia. Valerian is a plant with sedative properties, which relaxes the muscles, reduces anxiety and irritability. Bitter substances humulon and lupulon that originate from hops, as well as essential oils and tannins help in the treatment of insomnia, sleep disorder, tension and anxiety.

Ingredients (dominant plants):
lemon balm, valerian, hop


Adults, elderly and children over 12 years old should take 20 drops 3 times a day or 25 drops once a day, before going to sleep, drink with some water.