Picture of Red Magic

Red Magic

30 ml

Hemel Red magic is 100% natural organic plant product manufactured by the unique Hemel technology that provides large quantity and maximum usage of healthy substances and which provides a strong synergistic effect of the components.

Effects of this product on the skin:  24-hour skin hydratation, revitalization, epitelization, tonization, detoxication, skin cell strengthening, balances the metabolic processes of the skin, slows down the aging rate of the skin, makes skin smooth, soft and elastic, UV protection, antioxidant, skin nutrition effect, collagen regeneration and so on.

The whole list of positive effects of the rose petal oil is fascinating but too long. Rose oil balances the Ph value of the skin, stimulates blood flow and metabolical processes on the cellular level, has remarkable effect on tired skin and its antiseptic properties make it effective in treating viral, fungal and bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics. It provides an ideal skin tightness and recovers skin sensitivity, detoxicates, smoothens and alleviates the skin and slows down the aging process.
The positive effect of rose petal oil is significantly increased in Hemel Red Magic thanks to the expressed synergistic effect that it creates with other carefully balanced components and the unique technology of production. Every bottle of Red magic contains approximately 64.000 rose petals.

Michel Lavabre, one of the world's best experts on essential oils and aromatherapy, says: -"If you have the privilege of having in your possession some essential rose petal oil, you can use it in whichever way you please. It is the safest of all medical means."-