Picture of Multivitamin for Sensitive Skin

Multivitamin for Sensitive Skin

30 ml pack

Dominant plants
lavender, marigold, carrot

A true rarity in the care products. This balm containing  honey, bee wax, vitamin complex, lavender and chamomile extract, paraffin and vegetable oils will satisfy all the needs this type of skin requires and, because of its mildness, it does not irritate the skin.


In addition to the effect of the base composition (honey, beeswax, vitamin complex, lavender, plant and volatile oil)that meets all the needs of the specific type of skin, this balm also contains a special allowance of avocado oil and marigold, carrots and soy bean oil. these components significantly increase the protection effect and makes the skin more resistant to irritation.
The basic purpose of this balm is sensitive skin care with maximum effect.


Apply in small quantities, with wet hands on wet and clean skin.


It is an ideal means of care for normal and dry skin when combined with the anti-wrinkle oil(antirid oil). We specially recommend this combination for mature skin.