Picture of Hemel Acne Intensive Care

Hemel Acne Intensive Care

30 ml pack

Hemel Acne Intensive Care is a natural, antibacterial, disinfectant crème, for all skin types, especially for oily, impure and sensitive skin, prone to acne, seborrhoea, pimples and blackheads… Its antifungal properties help in prevention of the comedone formation, and, being the antiseptic, it helps purify the skin. Its formula and ingredients: essential oils (tea tree, lavender, geranium and immortelle) and oils (almond, marigold, carrot, avocado...) makes this crème ideal for regulation of sebum production, opening pores and removal of impurities causing pustules.

Apply every morning and evening on clean skin, especially affected areas. Do not rinse.

Ingredients (dominant plants):
lavender, geranium, tea tree