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Venohem Fluid

Horse chestnut contains starch, lipids, and escin, heterozoids, flavonoids and tannins... Significant quantities of the vitamin P in horse chestnut increase capillary resistance, reduce their permeability and stimulate microcirculation. Venohem fluid is the right solution for sore and swollen legs, varicose veins, leg cramps, cracked capillaries, impaired venous circulation. Naturally stimulates blood circulation, increase venous tone, reduce leg pain, relieves symptoms of heavy and swollen legs, and strengthens veins and capillaries.

Apply Venohem fluid two or three times a day (morning and evening). Spray a small amount over the leg and spread gently in a circular motion from the lower to the upper parts of the legs. It works quickly, almost instantly, and provides relief while applying.

Ingredients (dominant plants):
avocado, olive, borago (starflower)

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100 ml pack

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