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Hemel for Sensitive Skin

Dominant plants
almond, lavender, olive

A true rarity in the care products. This balm containing  honey, bee wax, vitamin complex, lavender and chamomile extract, paraffin and vegetable oils will satisfy all the needs this type of skin requires and, because of its mildness, it does not irritate the skin.


This product based on honey, bees wax, vitamin complex and herbal and essential oils, has a natural capacity of absorption and protection against negative environmental influences thus satisfying the basic needs of this type of skin. This vitamin packed skin nutrient, rejuvenates and reactivates the biological functions of the skin. It has a mild composition, creates a tranquilizing effect and it hydrates and protects the skin. This product is a natural tool for the complete care of sensitive skin that is easy to irritate.


Apply in small quantities, with wet hands on wet and clean skin.


It is an ideal means of care for normal and dry skin when combined with the anti-wrinkle oil(antirid oil). We specially recommend this combination for mature skin.

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