Picture of Full Pleasure - Body & Skin Care Oil

Full Pleasure - Body & Skin Care Oil

Dominant plants
geranium, cinnamon, eucalyptus

Special combination of plant oils, essential oils and medicinal plants extracts. It gives the skin elasticity and freshness, and the vitamin complex slows down the aging process. It also stimulates the nerve endings that increase the sense of touch, creating a very pleasant feeling. Applies to wet skin. Needs to be kept in a cool and dark place.

* Due to its specific manufacturing process and composition it is produced only in the period from June to August, in limited quantities.


Rich content of medicinal plants affects all metabolic processes which leads the skin to a condition of complete balance. Biologically active extracts revitalize the basic cell functions and accelerate intracellular exchange rate, provides the skin with the necessary nutritive ingredients, strengthens the epidermis and creates a protective layer on the entire surface of application.


Apply to wet skin.

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