Picture of Multivitamin for Nails

Multivitamin for Nails

30 ml

Dominant plants
avocado, carrot, orange

Contains castor and olive oil, essential oils of citrus and lavender, bee wax, Vaseline ... It accelerates the growth of nails, strengthens and regenerates them and prevent the occurrence of paronychia and breaking of nails.


In addition to castor oil, this product also contains essential oils of citrus and lavender, bee wax, as well as the multivitamin combination of carrot, soybean oil, avocado and marigold. Regular use of the product heightens the in cell circulation which results in rapid growth of nails. Nails are stronger and regenerate faster.


Rub a small amount on the nails and cuticles


Do not remove the nail polish with pure acetone or some other solvent, because it will harm the glaze and fingernail tissue which leads to the drying, thinning, breaking, and in growth of nail tissue. After removing the nail polish(we have a product of milder composition for this purpose), threat your nails with Multivitamin For Nails and do not color your nails for at least half an hour. Apply it by gently massaging your nails and don't forget the nails on your toes.