Picture of Honey Baby Bath

Honey Baby Bath

130 ml pack

Dominant plants
lemon balm, chamomile, milfoil

Honey Baby Bath is the right choice for everyday baby skin care.

It contains honey extract and mildest natural extracts that act soothing and beneficial to the child's tender skin. It acts anti-irritating, disinfects and relaxes the skin. Honey bath does not contain ingredients that irritate the baby's skin. It is made without artificial colors, fragrances or chemical preservatives.


Honey Baby Bath is based on honey and extracts of carefully chosen plants - Mistletoe, lemon balm, dill, milfoil, chamomile, hop... It tranquilizes the most sensitive parts of the skin. The basic purpose of this product is hygiene of baby's skin. Skin that has not yet have it's own regulatory mechanisms developed.


Pour a little of the product in the bath water and create foam. After use, rinse with plenty of water.