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Oily Skin Mask

Dominant plants
immortelle, juniper, rosemary

Made as a perfect mixture of medicinal and aromatic herbs and mineral properties (cosmetic clay). Hemel plant cover masks deeply clean the skin, remove the excess oil and dead skin cells, hydrate and tighten the skin and amplify peripheral circulation. Bearing in mind the many differences of skin types we have selected the appropriate combination of herbs (burdock, sage, kantarion, marigold, thyme, chamomile, rosemary ...).


Hemel masks progress very quickly deep into the tissue, stimulating all life functions of the skin cells. Results are visible after the first use of this product: the skin becomes shiny, tight and rejuvenated. After longer usage the effects become visible. Full effect and maximum effect is achieved through proper preparation and application.


Mix two spoons of the product with four spoons of hot water. Apply right after mixing. Do not use any metal utensils or metal cups in preparation of the mask.

Hemel plant masks are intended for all types of skin. Apply in gentle movements on a clean face. Depending on the type of the skin and its condition the recommended time of usage is 20-30 minutes until the cover mass is totally dry. During the wearing period it is advisable to find a comfortable position and thereby avoid muscle movements of the treated parts. The cover is removed with lukewarm water with gentle, easy motions and then a selected Hemel product can de applied for better results. The skin reaction is the usual accompanying effect.


It is sufficient to repeat the treatment one or two times a week.

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