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Honey Shower Gel

Dominant plants
fennel, hops, lemon balm

Honey Shower Gel is a natural combination of components that makes the skin healthy and gentle. Mild and refreshing gel with honey extract and carefully selected plants that have a soothing and disinfecting effect on the skin. This honey Gel gives your skin 24 hour freshness, makes the skin shiny and nurtures it. Contains a complex of ingredients for the regeneration of the skin (natural moistening factor).


Honey Shower Gel is the ideal combination of honey and carefully chosen plants that makes the skin healthy and gentle. Thanks to the abundance of the content it acts soothing, refreshing and provides disinfection at the same time. This gel is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive and dry skin, giving it the necessary moisture and elasticity.


Put a sufficient amount of gel on wet skin and rub it to create a foam. Rinse with plenty of hot water, repeat the procedure as long as you like.

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130 ml pack

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